Armadillo trapping

I have used the basic cage traps with no success.  The commercial design traps [nh2361] has had limited success.  It seems that the armadillos here are in the 18-21 inch body length range, probably 30+ inches including the tails.  What trap[s] do you recommend? I noticed that you mention the leg traps but I did not find any indication which size is best.  The bodygrip traps sound interesting as well.  Any advice?
Baits, repellants, etc have had no noticeable effect and being on a 1 acre lakefront property I cannot effectively fence them out.
I look forward to your words of wisdom.

Go with one of the first four live traps listed on this page:

These have proven to be very effective over the years. The kill traps can be implemented but only if you know where they are living and/or traveling. You’ll need such locations, like a passage tunnel or hole, where the trap will be placed to make the set. Without a good idea of where they’re active, it won’t be possible to use such a trap design. The Leghold design can be used if you have them eating and digging in your yard. The best size leghold would be either the # 11 or the #1.5. These traps need a central walking or trail area as well but will only need the animal to step on them and not pass through them like the kill trap so they can be more effective when used out in the open. These can all be seen in the Armadillo section here:

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