what is the best way to live trap a black snake

I live in a old farm house and found a 6 foot snake skin in my basement. We have caught several snakes when they come out in the open area. I was wondering what the best way to catch this one as quick as possible. I believe he is living in the walls and above the drop ceiling. Thanks Heather.

Black snakes love mice or small rats and in fact, the species you found is most likely some kind of rat snake. I’m sure this black snake found it’s way into your basement because it detected rodent activity. Either that or it can still smell previous rodent scent trails.

The good news is since black rat snakes love rodents, they’re easy to trap. All you need is one of our SNAKE LIVE TRAPS and baited with a live mouse or baby rat. For a snake of this size I recommend the LARGE 18x16x8 SNAKE TRAP. Add some SNAKE LURE subtly around the trap with a teaspoon of it placed inside the cage. The lure will help get the snake to the trap that much faster.

Place the trap along a wall close to where you found the snake skin. As long as it’s warm enough and there is naturally food active in the vicinity, you should have your snake in no time!

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