Bobcat Live and Humane Traps

We’ve got a good selection of live traps that can be used to trap wild bobcat. Be sure to add some bobcat lure and bobcat bait to get them interested. Some of our traps feature live bait cages which enables them to be set with live animals. This setup has a greater chance of getting bobcats to enter since most any will find it hard to ignore a live bird or rodent moving around.

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Safeguard 52000

Live Trap which measures 15″ Wide x 18″ Tall x 42″ Long. This is good for animals which are small to medium. It has an easy to set hook design which holds open the spring loaded door. There is a locking device which will prevent the door from opening once it closes. This is important when dealing with strong animals which have the ability to roll a trap over. Once the door on this trap closes, the animal is caught for good.




Safeguard 50590

Live Trap which measures 15″ Wide x 22″ Tall x 48″ Long. This trap is much like the LT151842 except it is taller and longer. This allows animals to be more comfortable when they enter. Built like the LT151842, this trap uses 12 gauge wire, a locking mechanism to prevent escape and a spring loaded door. This is the smallest sized trap we recommend for most needs when trapping bobcat.





Safeguard 52848

Live Trap which measures 15″ Wide x 22″ Tall x 48″ Long. This trap is much like the LT152248 except it has a rear sliding door which enables you to release trapped animals easily. This feature also comes in handy for baiting the trap.




Live Trap Bait Cage for Safeguard 50590 and 52848

Live Bait Cage which measures 6″ Wide x 8″ Tall x 13″ Long. It has a door on the top which enables you to place live bait like rats or squirrels inside. A solid bottom helps to minimize stress to the bait which keeps it alive that much longer. We install these when ordered and ship them ready to use. The size is perfect for the LT152248RD trap (which is the trap just above this item. The rear sliding door on the LT152248RD makes is required if we are to mount the bait cage inside. This bait cage will only fit in this trap, the LT152248RD, and the price listed below does not include the Live Trap. If desired, this Bait Cage can be removed in the future and the LT152248RD can be used without the Bait Cage like a more traditional trap. When Live Bait Cages are ordered with the LT152248RD, there will be no additional shipping or handling. We will install it at no charge and it will ship in the same box as the LT152248RD so it’s ready for use when it arrives.